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Alerting you to procure-to-pay risks before payment

£4 Trillion Total value of invoices analysed for 300+ clients
£918 Million Confirmed Risks Identified by our solution in 12 months
£574 Thousand cash in the bank in the first 12 months ( AVG per customer )

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Duplicate Payments

Stop paying the same invoice twice! Deploy NXG Forensics to prevent duplicate payments before they go out the door. Our customers achieve a full ROI within 2-3 months

Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

A review of your accounts payable historical data for the purpose of identifying and recovering funds paid to suppliers resulting from overpayments when they are not an exact match.

Procure To Pay Risks

Our customers rely on spend analysis to proactively manage their Procure to Pay risks resulting in cash savings, increased efficiencies and improved supplier relationships.

Supplier Risk Management

Discover techniques, tactics, and strategies that your progressive procure-to-pay function can implement across your enterprise to eliminate supplier risk and help secure your supply chain.

Accounts Payable Audit

No system or individual working within the procure-to-pay cycle is 100 percent error-free. An accounts payable audit will describe how duplicate payments and overpayments have occurred.

Invoice Fraud Prevention

Invoice fraud prevention is possible with FISCAL’s continuous AI-driven technology as it pinpoints your high-risk suppliers and transactions.

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