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Whilst the digital transformation of Accounts Payable has made many tasks, easier, quicker and more collaborative, it hasn’t necessarily made it simpler. With invoices and statements coming from multiple sources at different times, we understand how hard it can be to effectively track all of your transactions and perform accurate auditing thereafter! 

Our software offers a convenient, easy-to-use and rewarding solution to this problem. By taking a daily excerpt of your transactional data, we’re able to create a forensic record of your payments, alerting you to irregularities so that operational team members can investigate and mitigate any risks. From there, user actions are recorded in a changelog, making auditing and compliance faster, easier and cheaper!

Key benefits:

Simple setup

Other than the data exports – no further integration with your ERP is required! 

Saves time

Make your audit process vastly more straightforward, so your team has more time to focus on other important tasks.

Keeps capital secure

Flagging risky transactions before they are made allows you to mitigate the risk entirely – keeping your working capital safer than ever. 

Total visibility

Unlike most auditors, our software allows us to check every single invoice – so you can find every single penny. 


FISCAL Technologies was founded in 2007,  with a vision to provide a single Accounts Payable/Procure-to-Pay (P2P) risk management solution that improves performance, mitigates risk, and supports organisational growth. 

Originally launching with a transactional risk solution, our product and platform has continued to grow, now offering a comprehensive risk management tool that saves time, effort and money for our broad range of clients. With our recently released supplier statement reconciliation module, alongside credit score and sanctions monitoring, we continue to innovate and provide incredible value to our customers across the entire AP/P2P process.

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