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Find out how you can stay compliant with ICAEW’s recent regulation changes and watch our CPD-accredited webinars.
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As a guardian of financial integrity, you don’t just aim for compliance. You have an unwavering commitment to excellence. The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW) recognises this, and recently set some new requirements in place to verify CPD hours.

What are the new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements for Chartered Accountants? 

On 1st November 2023, the ICAEW made verification of continuous professional development (CPD) mandatory for their members, firms and others covered by the institute’s rules. 

Members must complete a set number of CPD hours according to their CPD Category. These categories differ according to your seniority, where you work and other variables. For a full list to find which category you belong in, click here.

Verifiable CPD Hours 

One condition of these requirements is that a set number of CPD hours need to be verifiable. Verification means that there needs to be physical proof of the completion, whether it is course materials, confirmation of attendance or source references with corroborated details. 

Minimum requirements for each CPD category 

CPD Category 

Min. number of CPD hours 

Min. number of verifiable hours 

Practice – Category 1 



Practice – Category 2 



Practice – Category 3 



Outside Practice – Category 1 



Outside Practice – Category 2 



Outside Practice – Category 3 




At FISCAL, we want to help you achieve these goals and become the best you can be. So, we have a choice of CPD accredited webinars for you to take part in.  

After our CPD-accredited webinars, we send each attendee a confirmation of attendance which can be used as your verification. We also send booking confirmation and enrolment details via email. If you complete an on-demand webinar, you will also receive confirmation of attendance. 

Advance your knowledge and strive for continuous growth. Find our CPD-Accredited webinars below: 

On demand CPD-accredited webinars:

Upcoming CPD-accredited courses:

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