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Are you still trying to manually detect duplicate payments? Our solution highlights duplicate transactions BEFORE they leave your organisation – find more information below.

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Last year we prevented duplicate payments worth over £250m for our clients.

We get it – finding the time and resource to perform rigorous checks for duplicate invoices is an eternal challenge in finance.

We make it easy.

By checking every supplier and every invoice, every day for exceptions and errors, our duplicate invoice software makes it easy to find, prevent and recover lost cash. Spending less time on discovering and recovering duplicate and erroneous payments means your team will have more time to conduct proactive, rather than reactive, tasks.

Vulnerabilities in the 3-way matching process can miss duplicates entirely and they also do not prevent the payments being made. Our solution forensically monitors your transactions, enabling you to completely mitigate all of the financial exposure associated with duplicate and erroneous payments.

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Key benefits

Our software intelligently identifies duplicate and erroneous payments across all of your suppliers. 

Enjoy smarter protection of your working capital and more accurate reporting thereafter.

Every night, our software combs your transactional data looking for errors and duplicates, providing a ranked list of risks for further investigation.

The recovery process take team members away from other important tasks, but with our software, you can mitigate this resourcing headache.


FISCAL Technologies was founded in 2007,  with a vision to provide a single Accounts Payable/Procure-to-Pay (P2P) risk management solution that improves performance, mitigates risk, and supports organisational growth.

Originally launching with a transactional risk solution, our product and platform has continued to grow, now offering a comprehensive risk management tool that saves time, effort and money for our broad range of clients.

With our recently released supplier statement reconciliation module, alongside credit score and sanctions monitoring, we continue to innovate and provide incredible value to our customers across the entire AP/P2P process.

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