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Need-to-Know Advice to Manage a Successful ERP Transformation Project 

Event Date: August 21, 2023 12:00 am

ERP transformation and implementation can be a formidable task. Our August webinar, Need-to-Know Advice to Manage a Successful ERP Transformation Project, gives advice on how to manage one.
person touches a digital-looking screen with the letters ERP on it. To signify ERP transformation.

Do you have an ERP transformation project coming up soon, or are you going through one and need a little bit of help?

We know resources are tight and there are multiple risk factors during an ERP migration. How do you ensure that the implementation of a new ERP goes smoothly? How do you keep on top of the associated risks of a large-scale project?

You’ll discover the answers in our August webinar: Need-to-Know Advice to Manage a Successful ERP Transformation Project

Our Chief Product Officer, Dan Cashen speaks to Gerald Lorenz, Vice President, and Cathy Rovano, Accounting Manager of MNP Corporation. They were both part of the team that successfully implemented a new ERP system at MNP. They will talk about the range of challenges and issues the finance team faced during the migration. From the risk of duplicated invoices, downtime and fraud, to ensuring buy-in from key stakeholders.

*Please note that this webinar has now taken place. You can watch it on demand by clicking the button below.*

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