Exclusive Webinar l Tuesday 19th July l 2:00 PM BST – Reduce Fraud to Cut Cost

Event Overview

Tuesday 19th July

2:00 PM BST

45 minutes

Would you like to help your organisation become more competitive? Or reduce the need for public service reductions?

Dave Verma, fraud investigator, will tell you how. Dave is one of the UK’s most experienced fraud investigators and has trained police investigators and lectured at universities and chartered institutions.

Fraud has become the most common crime in England and Wales, and organisations are losing 6.4% of their expenditure to fraud, on average. Cutting fraud is a cost reduction strategy, so why is the rate of fraud still increasing when organisations have been cost-cutting for decades?

In this webinar, Dave will cover the 5 principles of fraud prevention and steps that Finance and Procurement leaders should take, to move from reactive to proactive methods that reduce procurement fraud.

Attendees will also receive a copy of Dave’s definitive white paper “Principals of Procurement Fraud Protection. Five ways to combat the new wave of procurement fraud.”

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