Top 5 Purchase-to-Pay Risks You Need To Know In 2024 And How To Mitigate Them - Tuesday 9th July- 2:00 PM (GMT) l 9:00 AM (ET)

Continuous, forensic-level fraud detection and prevention.

P2P-specific fraud detection and prevention has become essential due to the increasing frequency and sophistication of fraud. FISCAL’s AI-powered analysis detects known and unknown patterns to protect your cash and reputation.

Protect your supplier spend from fraud with NXG Forensics.

We work with a unique combination of internal and external data, not found in any other risk protection solutions.

Coupled with this we have 18 years’ worth of experience encapsulated in our detection algorithms, including the latest Artificial Intelligence.

Finally, we have customer success managers and services teams to handhold our customers through proof of concept, implementation and their continuous, preventative risk protection journey as they progress to best-in-class.

More fraud detection
than your ERP

Check for
weaknesses at the
sources of fraud

Earlier detection
than payment
systems can provide

A broad range of
fraud risks checked
every day

Customer success stories
& testimonials.

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