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Our customers

Find out why our customers choose to work with us for transactional and supplier risk management. 

At FISCAL, customers are the heart of our business.

Our solutions are designed around their needs and are developed in collaboration with real P2P and AP teams. We value our customer relationship and always endeavour to act on their feedback to improve our solutions, or provide new ones. 

Supporting our customers is extremely important to us, so whether you need further training, changes to your solution or guidance on utilising an aspect of our software better, our team are here to help. 

The FISCAL impact.

Our customers are incredibly important to us, and we love to hear how we’ve helped them reduce their finance risks. We wanted to share some of the amazing feedback with you too.

Watch our video, where real customers talk about how we impact them for the better.

Our customers:

Key facts:

Most customers see ROI within 3 months.

£258,000: average annual saving per customer.

Risk identified by our solution amounts to 1% of your spend.

We have a Net Promoter Score of 78.


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The FISCAL experience.

At our annual EMPOWER event, we asked some of our customers about their experiences with FISCAL Technologies. Here are their responses.

Specsavers' instant £1.5 million ROI and slicker processes

With 1.1 million invoices a year to process manually, AP’s workload was frustrating, time-consuming, and was at high risk of error. Automation was therefore a high priority. 

After implementing e-invoicing, the team needed a way to check their work for errors. FISCAL’s software helped them prevent fraud and overpayments. 

£11 million in overpayments and recovery of £1.5 million, slicker processes, AP team restructure and career development paths. 

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust prevents £100k in overpayments for an ROI of 300%

The processes were not robust and were all retrospective. Credits could sit in ledgers for several months, causing cash flow issues.  

To prevent overpayments and cost avoidance, Northumbria installed FISCAL’s forensic risk analysis solution. 

In just 6 weeks, the trust prevented over £100,000 in overpayments, the equivalent of 300% ROI. 

Aberdeen City Council creates bottom-line value and saves time

Mismatched invoices, delayed payments, and high fraud risks were being spotted too slowly to counteract.  

Implementation of FISCAL’s software solution gave the team greater control over spend and more time to improve AP processes.  

This meant the council could automate identification of payment errors and high-risk transactions. The solution also prevented a loss of £500,000 due to a supplier duplication. 

Local Government

Local Government organisations across the UK trust our software to indicate transactional and supplier risks. Discover how our solutions can reduce overpayments and spot attempted supplier fraud.

Healthcare / NHS

40+ AP teams in public and private healthcare organisations trust FISCAL to find and mitigate risks. Learn how we protect your working capital and help continuously improve process efficiency, so you can focus on providing care.

Corporate / Business Services

Our end-to-end transaction and supplier risk solutions are trusted by over 100 businesses. From national retail chains to international currency providers, we’ve helped clients reduce cash leakage and improve their P2P processes.

Our Awards and Certifications

We know how important it is that we meet your needs with our software and our service. Without it, how can you reduce transaction, supplier and fraud risk effectively? To provide extra reassurance, we cater to your cyber security needs with ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certification. 

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