Live Webinar - Wednesday 8th December -11:00 AM GMT - Combatting Supplier and Staff Fraud Risk - Register Now to secure your spot!

Live Webinar l Wednesday 8th December l 11: 00 AM GMT -Combatting supplier and staff fraud risks

Event Overview

Wednesday 8th December

11:00 AM GMT

45 minutes

This webinar focuses on the risks suppliers and staff introduce into your Procure-to-Pay cycle, and how, with a few simple steps, these can be turned around to protect your cash and become process improvement opportunities.

We are joined by Dave Verma, anti-fraud expert, and David Griffiths, FISCAL Technologies CEO, who will cover:
• Staff infiltration and vetting
• Toxic cultures
• The Fraud Triangle
• Tell-tale signs of insider fraud
• Practical ways to reduce fraud and other personnel-related risks in P2P

Join us for this unique opportunity to hear from two industry veterans discussing the staff-based risks being encountered today, and how you can develop a proactive risk protection culture.

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