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Reclaim cash with our recovery audit service

How many overpayments and duplicates will we discover for you?

Time to get your ledgers in order.

Significant changes affecting your finance department can create havoc with your transactions. Our experienced team can help you facilitate ERP migrations, tidy ledgers before end of year, manage finances from acquisitions and more. We check every transaction to find all discrepancies in your data and all historical overpayments 

How it works:

Using our risk detection software, our experts perform an audit of the last 2-3 years of your transactional data. They identify and verify duplicates, overpayments and potential occurrences of fraud. Our team then work to recover this from your suppliers on your behalf. 

We recommend using continuous risk detection upon completion of your recovery audit, ensuring a proactive approach to future discrepancies. 

Easily find cash with recovery of duplicates and overpayments.

Save your team valuable time, let our experienced team manage cash recovery.

Unlike most auditors we check every invoice, so you can find every penny.


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The Last Dance: Making sure your next Recovery Audit is the last one you ever perform!

This webinar demonstrates that, with the right tools, your organisation will be able to achieve assurance and visibility while protecting its working capital, regardless of future challenges that may arise.

Transforming Operational Finance

An in-depth look at the 5 best practices for effective Procure-to-Pay (P2P) risk management

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