Action-oriented insights not only identify issues, they also guide you to their resolution

Faster time to resolution is achieved when the AP team are presented not only with risks, but also the reason for these risks, the ability to diagnose the cause, and the workflow to manage the resolution.

The plethora of issues that arise can obscure their resolution

When processing many invoices, from many suppliers, AP teams need rapid and direct access to the information that matters. They don’t have time to hunt for it every time, and they can’t make good decisions without clear and relevant information.

Whenever risks are detected, FISCAL’s insights provide relevant contextual information and present users with the reason for the risk – the underlying data that directs the resolution. Insights help users and managers see trends and resolutions quickly and signposts the next steps towards resolution.

Clear connections made between problem and resolution

Workflows and reporting support users and managers

Stay compliant with frequently changing sanction lists

Make sanction list checking part of daily compliance control

Customer Success Stories & Testimonials

Continuous Sanction Monitoring

Sanction lists are updated every day, but only 9% of organisations* cleanse their Master Supplier File monthly or more frequently.

LSE Supplier Risk Intelligence Brochure

PLCs are facing an unprecedented level of risk in their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cycle. 

Solution Overview Brochure

Unnecessary cash leakage is caused by weak or out of date controls in procure to pay processing.

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