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Cut costs, recover lost cash, and support your organisation’s growth goals

Continuous forensic analysis of suppliers and their invoices delivers actionable insights that empower your Accounts Payable, Procure-to-Pay and Shared Service Centre teams to achieve more.

Your cash flow is protected with NGX Forensics

Utilising advanced forensics and machine learning, NXG Forensics works in parallel with your ERP system. It operates continuously and preventatively, to make your job easier, faster, and more effective.

Developed and refined over many years, NXG Forensics’ risk detection uses a unique, supplier-centric approach. This maximises risk detection and identifies risks as soon as they enter your ERP system; every supplier and every invoice are checked every day.

In addition to your P2P data, NXG Forensics checks against external risk databases to find more risks across the whole P2P cycle e.g., government sanction lists and global ESG adverse media monitoring for all of your suppliers.

You will enjoy many benefits, including:

Improved process efficiency

Risk detection and root-cause analysis drives process improvements to remove the source of issues and increase processing efficiency.

Reduced costs

NXG Forensics has a unique approach to ensuring your cash flow is protected. You will be notified to review high-risk invoices as soon as they enter your ERP system.

Additional controls

All supplier and invoice details are checked as soon as they enter your ERP system. We check for common issues like duplicate invoices and supplier detail changes, and a large number of other exceptions and risk types

Continuous protection

Additional controls provide proactive protection from risks such as fraud, supplier overpayments, non-compliance with sanctions or ESG best practices, and interruptions to your supply chain.

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Mitigate risk with P2P-specific analytics

Business resilience is more important than ever. Accounts Payable, Procure-to-Pay and Shared Service Centre teams are expected to do everything possible to prevent risks that would damage the organisation.

NXG Forensics is built from the ground up and designed specifically for finance professionals. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically adapt tests and logic to find your organisation’s specific risks.
These tests use industry recognised logic, financial analytics and our powerful algorithms across thousands of data points, to identify risks within the suppliers and their transaction. This is done with great speed and accuracy.

Reports and dashboards make insights clear and actionable

NXG Forensics comes with pre-build P2P specific reports and dashboards that enable you to see trends and totals, and export to Excel as required.

Our extensive report library supports the needs of AP Managers as they tune operational efficiency and view workflow across the Procure-to-Pay cycle.

Extend supplier checks with continuous sanction and ESG monitoring

Without regular checking of your Master Supplier File (MSF) against leading global risk databases, you are at risk of prosecution for breaching government sanctions or purchasing from a supplier with a poor ESG track record.

Sanction lists and ESG failure reports are updated every day, and one-off checks during onboarding or 6-monthly thereafter do not provide adequate protection.

Government sanction breaches carry fines of up to £1m, along with interrupted supply chains and possible reputational damage. Some sanctions even carry the risk of imprisonment if broken.

Continuous supplier sanction and ESG monitoring from NXG Forensics reviews every active supplier against the leading global database of sanctioned organisations and ESG reports, every day. A potential match is detected as soon as one of your suppliers appears in a sanction list or ESG report, providing you with the earliest opportunity to remedy the problem.

Employee-to-supplier relationship detection

Fraud risk increases whenever there is a connection between a supplier and an employee. Unknown matches are red flags for fraud, but organisations rarely have controls in place to check sufficiently, and the most common controls do not provide adequate protection
NXG Forensics compares an employee file (including ex-employees if required) with the master supplier file, using AI-driven forensic techniques to compare all suppliers and all employees, every day.
Add supplier-to-employee connection checking to improve your overall P2P protection.

P2P risk knowledge transfer

When you get started with NXG Forensics, we pair you with a solution expert who is an expert in your field.
This way, you’ll always be able to answer questions like which suppliers contribute most issues and why, what’s the root-cause of risks, and where your processes could be improved.