LIVE WEBINAR | Thursday 22 July | 15:00 BST | 10:00 EDT Why Statement Reconciliation is Crucial to Your Bottom Line.

Co-Hosted Webinar | Tues June 29 | 10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST – How to Protect Against the Increasing Risk of Fraud

Written by Michelle Spratt

Event Overview

FISCAL Technologies is delighted to announce its next co-hosted webinar which will be held on Tuesday, June 29th 2021.

We know that Covid has directly impacted organizations, supply chains, and the staff within.  This in turn has seen a 6-fold increase in fraud.  These are complex and unsophisticated fraud attempts.    Our presenters will consider why fraud is increasing, the drivers of fraud, and how we can protect spend.

This event will be particularly interesting for Finance decision makers and strategists.

Tuesday, June 29th 2021

10.00 US EDT & 15.00 BST

30 minutes

Matthew Hammond, MD West Europe, Pagero
Tasha Bailey, Industry Principal, FISCAL Technologies

Your Presenters

Matthew Hammond, Pagero

With over 17 years in senior management positions within the industry’s most prestigious e-invoicing companies, Matt Hammond has built a wealth of knowledge and best practices in the area of Supplier onboarding.  

Matt has been on the frontline of over 200 accounts payable e-invoicing rollouts, which range from the largest companies in the world, right through to smaller public sector bodies – and everything in between. 

Matt is excited to share his insights to support your digital journey.

About Pagero
Pagero provides a global business network that connects buyers and sellers for seamless, secure and automated exchange of business documents, such as orders and invoices.

Tasha Bailey, FISCAL Technologies

Tasha has gained valuable insight and acumen from her 20-year career in AP fraud risk prevention and supplier risk mitigation. Having performed vendor risk assessments for the top Fortune 500 companies and trained global teams on the use of risk detection and prevention solutions, she identified root causes of risk that led to best practices.

Tasha has published articles and whitepapers and presented at annual conferences for the ACFE, IAPP, ISM and the North Carolina Association of CPAs. Tasha, a Certified Fraud Examiner holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Science in Economic Crime Management. 

About FISCAL Technologies
FISCAL Technologies offers a pure play cloud-based AI risk management solution that enables modern finance teams to boost efficiency as well as derive useful insights that drive the best decision-making on behalf of the company.

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