Supplier risk intelligence®

…is the continuous monitoring of every supplier and every invoice to proactively detect and prevent risks in the Procure-to-Pay cycle.

Get ahead of audits and step up from basic invoice analysis.
Supplier Risk Intelligence® is FISCAL’s unique combination of cloud-based software, services, forensics and AI-powered risk detection of your accounting data and 3rd party risk data.

Supplier risk management success

Customer Success consultant sitting at desk.

From onboarding to experiencing the value of FISCAL’s Supplier Risk Intelligence solution, our team of trusted advisors in Customer Success and Consulting will be on hand to support you in getting the most value from your investment with FISCAL.

What you can expect from our tried and tested implementation methodology, based on 18 years’ experience:

  • Implement supplier risk management solution in 30 days without disrupting your existing ERP and AP systems.
  • Rapid solution payback in the first 2-3 months.
  • Achieve up to 10X your investment over 3 years.
  • Detect and pevent profit leakage 24/7.
  • 100% of our customers find instances of duplicate payments.

Artificial intelligence. Real results.



Procure to Pay risks are identified prior to payment with duplicate payment software.


Protection of Spend

Transaction and supplier details are checked at forensic level.



FISCAL’s customers protect their working capital and use that capital to fuel growth.

We’re proud of our customer success

“Very easy to identify duplicate invoices with this system.”

The Guinness Partnership

“FISCAL’s Forensic solution really helps us find, research and most importantly prevent duplicate payments to our vendors.”

UNC Health Specialists

“We really value the ease of use and transparency of useful information.”


“Because of FISCAL we have now stopped having to do manual checks on our payment run which has saved us a lot of time.”


“We really value the reporting function, looking at the different reason codes and values of duplicate payments.”

Wakefield Council

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