Providing P2P insights that you can’t get anywhere else

Identify, assess, resolve and remove your organization’s Procure-to-Pay risks. NXG Forensics removes working capital leakage and maximize your profits.

Our technology

NXG Forensics® is a cloud-based Procure-to-Pay risk management solution that protects organizational spend from fraud, vendor and transaction risks, and compliance failures before they impact your bottom line and reputation.

Utilizing sophisticated statistical analysis and machine learning, NXG Forensics integrates seamlessly with your ERP system. It operates continuously and preventatively, to make your job easier, faster, and more effective. You will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs: NXG Forensics has a unique approach to protecting your cash by identifying and preventing unnecessary and incorrect payments to vendors before payment takes place.
  • Continuous protection: We forensically analyze 100% of transactions 100% of the time – there’s no random sampling or transaction size cut-off, and it runs every day without fail.
  • Visibility of risks: All transactions and all vendor details are checked forensically. We check for common issues like duplicate invoices and vendor file anomalies, and a large number of other risks using the knowledge built up from hundreds of customers over 17 years.
  • Improved process efficiency: Risk detection and root-cause analysis drives process improvements to remove the source of issues and increase processing efficiency.

We’re delighted with the results we’re seeing from the implementation of NXG Forensics. Fifteen minutes or less a day is all it takes to protect our organizational spend, giving the business assurance that its working capital is safe and invoice processing costs are low.

AP Team Leader, Manufacturer

Mitigate P2P risk with speed and accuracy

Business resilience is more important than ever.  Accounts Payable, Procure-to-Pay and Shared Service teams are expected to do everything possible to prevent risks that would damage the organization. 

Built from the ground up and designed specifically for finance professionals, NXG Forensics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically adapt tests and logic to find your organization’s specific risks.  These tests use industry recognized logic, financial analytics and our powerful algorithms across thousands of data points, to identify risks within the vendors and their transactions with great speed and accuracy.

Leverage pre-configured reports and dashboards to establish strong risk data governance

NXG Forensics comes with pre-build AP-specific reports and dashboards that enable you to see trends and totals, with drill-down and export to Excel as required. Our extensive report library supports the needs of AP Managers as they tune operational efficiency and view workflow across the Procure-to-Pay cycle.

All the information you need

When you get started with NXG Forensics, we pair you with a solution expert who is an expert in your field. 

This way, you’ll always be able to answer questions like which vendors contribute most issues and why, what’s the root-cause of risks, and where your processes could be improved.

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