Top 5 Purchase-to-Pay Risks You Need To Know In 2024 And How To Mitigate Them - Tuesday 9th July- 2:00 PM (GMT) l 9:00 AM (ET)

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Reveal your AP spend risks with NO COST and NO OBLIGATION. 

What is a risk review?

Share a sample of your historical transactional data and our experts will use our software to perform an independent forensic analysis. We’ll identify risks, past overpayments, and potential areas for recovery and process improvement. 

Why do you need it?

In today’s complex, high-volume P2P environment, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency is crucial. Keeping firm controls enables better fraud detection, risk mitigation and compliance breach discovery.  Our risk review is a proactive first step to continuous monitoring of your Accounts Payable transactions for robust risk management and fraud prevention. 


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