Proactive identification of these with AI-powered forensic analysis protects working capital

Detecting duplicate and similar invoices is an essential AP control. However, automation and electronic invoicing have made it difficult to spot suspicious invoices. Thankfully, that’s where our automated detection steps in.

Protect your supplier spend from fraud with NXG Forensics

There are many reasons why duplicate invoices can enter your P2P processing. Some are legitimate, but others may be malicious

Whenever there are duplicate invoices, there is the risk of multiple payments being made for one legitimate invoice. The issue of duplicate invoices being paid is not uncommon and they are difficult to identify without specialist tools.

FISCAL’s NXG Forensics uses advanced analytics and pattern matching techniques, including artificial intelligence (AI) to detect duplicate and near-duplicate invoices in large volumes of invoice data, and does so fast enough that the suspicious invoices can be put on hold and do not get paid inadvertently, protecting your working capital from unnecessary loss.

Preventative approach allows potential duplicates to be put on hold, before payment

Advanced detection methods find high-risk invoices with a low false-positive rate

Detects duplicate invoices in one or across multiple business units

Runs every night, takes a few minutes each morning to resolve all duplicates reported

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Continuous forensic analysis of suppliers and their invoices delivers actionable insights that empower your Accounts Payable, Procure-to-Pay and Shared Service Centre teams to achieve more.

Protect Cash and Reduce Costs Before Payments Happen

Working behind the scenes with your existing ERP system, NXG Forensics works on a continuous, preventative basis to find duplicate payments and exceptions in your supplier and transaction data.

Accelerated Forensic Analysis of Procure-to-Pay Processing

Join Brendan Burke, our Head of Education and Consultancy Services, to understand the process we go through, and what you can expect when we perform an Accelerated Forensic Analysis service.

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