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Protect against fraud before the damage is done

According to the National Crime Agency, losses from fraud increased by 17% in 2022, totalling £2.46 billion. 

Keep working capital safe with continuous fraud detection.

When fraud happens, it’s a painful and time-consuming experience for businesses and individuals. We help you protect working capital, save time and reduce effort. We do this by continuously monitoring your transactions and suppliers for fraudulent activity. 

How it works:

Our software combines our many years of risk detection experience with artificial intelligence to identify a broad range of fraud risks. It provides comprehensive analysis to find anomalies within your data that could be fraudulent. We notify you immediately upon finding the risk so you can investigate and take action before you pay. 

And of course, our team of experts will support you through your fraud risk protection journey. 

Detect fraudulent transactions and prevent them before damage is done.

Reduce supplier file fraud risk by finding outdated information and duplicates.

Prevent internal fraud by matching supplier data against employees.

Continuous monitoring provides more analysis for fraud detection than your ERP.

Customer success stories
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Principles of Procurement Fraud Prevention

During this paper, Dave shares his expertise in fighting the new wave of fraud in practical terms, based on real-life insights gained from many years of in-field experience.

Combatting Supplier and Staff Fraud Risk

For the finale of our ‘Perfect Storm of Risk’ series, we were again joined by Dave Verma, anti-fraud expert, and David Griffiths, FISCAL Technologies CEO, who looked at insider fraud in detail including the psychology of fraudsters.

Fraud: The Threat from Within

Robert Brooker, Head of Fraud and Forensics, PKF and David Griffiths, CEO, FISCAL Technologies discuss what leads an employee to commit fraud and what the current insider threats and trends are.

Reduce Fraud to Cut Costs - CPD Accredited

Would you like to help your organisation become more competitive? Or reduce the need for public service reductions? Dave Verma, fraud investigator, shows you how.

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