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Protect your business by ensuring sanction compliance

Avoid fines and reputational damage with continuous supplier sanctions monitoring.

Only 9% of organisations cross-check suppliers against sanctions monthly or more often.

Not monitoring sanctions means you could be trading with sanctioned entities without knowing. As a result, you could see fines, imprisonment and severe reputational damage.  

Checking sanctions lists often isn’t a high priority due to the time and resource it needs. After supplier onboarding, it’s rarely completed, even though they change frequently. We provide a fast, simple way to check sanctions lists, allow you to take action quickly if there is a problem. 

How it works. 

Our supplier sanctions monitoring software checks your vendors daily for appearance on global sanctions lists. This includes lists published by OFSI, OFAC, the UN, FBI, and Interpol. If your supplier matches, we alert you immediately. You can then stop trading immediately, saving pain later.  

Avoid financial, reputational, and regulatory penalties.

Take action fast to block sanctioned suppliers.

Simplify sanction list compliance by monitoring every supplier, every day.

Make sanction list checking part of daily compliance control

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Continuous Sanction Monitoring

Unnecessary cash leakage is caused by weak or out of date controls in procure to pay processing. Risks from suppliers and in your transactions with them will always result in cash loss, costly invoice processing, and the risk of fraud.

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