Daily checks provide assurance of international sanction list compliance

Global sanction lists from government and security agencies around the globe are updated every day. By monitoring your suppliers for an appearance on these lists every day, your risk exposure reduces significantly.

Regular checking of your Master Supplier File (MSF) against leading global risk databases discovers if you are at risk of prosecution for breaching sanctions by purchasing from a supplier on a government or security service sanction list.

One-off checks of your suppliers during onboarding or 3/6/12 monthly thereafter do not provide adequate protection. Only daily checking detects risks as soon as they arise, protecting your organisation before they cause significant damage.

We check suppliers against the most significant sanction lists from all over the world, including those published by OFSI, OFAC, the UN, FBI, and Interpol.

Prevent financial, reputational, and regulatory penalties

Protection against supply chain interruption

Stay compliant with frequently changing sanction lists

Make sanction list checking part of daily compliance control

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Unnecessary cash leakage is caused by weak or out of date controls in procure to pay processing. Risks from suppliers and in your transactions with them will always result in cash loss, costly invoice processing, and the risk of fraud.

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PLCs are facing an unprecedented level of risk in their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cycle. Automation and complexity in P2P processing have introduced new challenges, and the risks of fraud and non-compliance continue to rise.

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A poorly managed Master Supplier File is a breeding ground for fraud, payment and sanction issues resulting in high financial penalties.

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