Visibility of priority suppliers and time to pay helps protect working capital

Managing working capital is vital in uncertain economic conditions. Fortunately, FISCAL’s solution continuously monitors suppliers and their invoices and credit notes to protect against working capital leakage, and to identify for recovery any previous overpayments, to bolster cash reserves.

Without visibility of spending patterns and key suppliers, managing working capital is challenging

All organisations, whether they have a treasury department or not, need to manage the cash in their working capital carefully to meet the financial needs of the organisation.

Cash management comes under greater scrutiny during times of high inflation and recession, as the organisation needs to prepare and protect itself from unexpected costs. Fortunately, FISCAL’s solution provides visibility of supplier spend and insights into key suppliers,

FISCAL’s solution also helps prevent unnecessary payments to suppliers by checking for risks prior to payment – keeping cash in your account.

Detect and prevent unnecessary disbursements

Identify and recover any prior overpayments to boost working capital

Identify key suppliers and categories of spend

Strengthen supplier relationships in unpredictable economic conditions

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Critical Compliance and Controls that every CFO needs to know about

Join FISCAL’s Ray Welsh, Head of Product Marketing and James Wilson, Product Owner as they look at the need for compliance in supplier spending, including sanctions and ESG compliance as well as spend controls and fraud detection.

Protect Cash and Reduce Costs Before Payments Happen

Working behind the scenes with your existing ERP system, NXG Forensics works on a continuous, preventative basis to find duplicate payments and exceptions in your supplier and transaction data.

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