CPD Accredited Webinar: Expert Strategies for Surviving Your Accounts Payable Audit - Thursday 25th April - 2:00 PM (GMT) l 9:00 AM (ET)


Kefron provides a range of data and information management solutions including accounts payable automation.  Their accounts payable automation solution, Kefron AP, is an effortless cloud-based solution designed to digitise invoices for accurate processing, fast approvals and searchable record keeping. By eliminating manual invoice processing, businesses can reallocate team resources to more valuable, forecasting tasks.

Kefron and FISCAL are committed to delivering cutting-edge accounts payable automation, empowering organisations with enhanced financial security and efficiency.

Where Kefron begin your invoice process, FISCAL completes it with those essential final checks. This allows you to be more proactive and strategic in your endeavours, enhancing accuracy, reducing costs and maximising working capital.

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