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Analysis of supplier spending highlights the causes of slow and expensive processing

To keep AP processing running smoothly and efficiently requires FISCAL’s solution. It will identify common problem areas in your P2P processing, allowing you to make process improvements and reduce the cost of invoice processing.

Every Exception that occurs in your AP/P2P processing costs money

To reduce the cost of invoice processing without compromising on risk protection and quality of service first requires insights into the inefficiencies. Armed with data about which suppliers raise the most exceptions or credit notes, or what are the most common sources of errors, your AP team can make improvements.

Process improvements save time and reduce the risk of unseen overpayments, which themselves require additional, non-productive time to resolve. Keeping costs down and team time efficiency high helps AP teams deliver more with the same, or fewer, resources.

Identify and remove common sources of errors

Target the suppliers that create the most inefficiency

Uncover processing bottlenecks and remove them

Identify where process improvements can reduce risk and costs

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Protect Cash and Reduce Costs Before Payments Happen

Working behind the scenes with your existing ERP system, NXG Forensics works on a continuous, preventative basis to find duplicate payments and exceptions in your supplier and transaction data.

Turning AP from Reactive to Proactive

Today’s finance leaders must juggle ever-increasing challenges and expectations. The business expects them to support cost reductions across the enterprise, manage its working capital efficiently and protect the organisation from the growing risk of fraud, loss, and reputational damage.

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