Spend time solving, not matching with our automated Supplier Reconciliation

Reducing the time taken to reconcile statements with suppliers allows more suppliers to be included, more frequently. Not only does this uncover credit notes, rebates, and any overpayments previously made, but it unlocks a significant amount of time for your AP to use elsewhere.

Manual comparison of open items on your purchase ledger with open items from your suppliers takes a lot of time. It’s not normally a popular task, and often, (perhaps this is a relief to some) it doesn’t get done. Or at least, not very frequently.

FISCAL’s solution automates the comparison of open items and raises an alert only when unmatched items are found – on either side, your ledger or your supplier’s. This takes out the repetitive, time-consuming work, which allows supplier statement reconciliations to take place, or take place more frequently. Our experience shows this is highly beneficial, with high values of unused credit notes, rebates, and discounts found, with under- or over-payments uncovered.

Automatically reconcile to find unmatched items

Save time

Reconcile with suppliers more frequently

Receive the intended benefit of credit notes and rebates

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Continuous Sanction Monitoring

Sanction lists are updated every day, but only 9% of organisations* cleanse their Master Supplier File monthly or more frequently.

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Our presenter, Alex Tabb, Services Consultant, shares her wealth of knowledge and insights into why this painstaking task is so important and how FISCAL can alleviate that pain to release locked-up cash and recover previous overpayments and credits on the account.

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