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7 ways to drive resilience in your finance team

Finance teams keep businesses running – there’s no way around that. If a finance team cannot perform the actions required of it, the knock-on effects will be felt around the business and beyond, with customers and suppliers likely to be affected first.

In a busy finance team, resilience may be the last thing on your mind as the day-to-day workload of invoices and POs keep piling up. However, a proactive approach to building resilience cements the operational capacity of the finance team and reinforces its position as central to the business’s success.

Ultimately, being resilient means to be able to withstand, and recover quickly, from any difficulties that you might face. Here are 7 ways you can drive resilience in your finance team:

1. Shared KPIs across departments to make well-informed, proactive decisions.

Incentivizing other departments to cooperate closely towards shared goals creates an aligned, efficient team.

2. Keeping tight controls on your supplier files and transactional data, ensuring it is accurate and compliant.

Accurate input = accurate output – ensuring data integrity allows the business to be more confident in their decision making and more efficient with their budgeting.

3. Monitoring your transactions for discrepancies, enabling on-time and faster payment.

This has a dual benefit – it ensures incorrect payments are stopped before, and reduces supplier queries after, so the team can focus on business critical tasks.

4. A strong, up-to-date supplier file.

Checking your suppliers’ credit scores, against sanctions lists and ESG concerns creates visibility supply and compliance problems early.

5. Keeping informed of new legislation and mandates to ensure compliance.

Being abreast of incoming regulatory changes allows you to begin preparing early and in detail so you can hit the ground running without team members being taken away from their usual tasks.

6. Digital awareness and focus, keeping up with technological advancements to allow for greater efficiencies and tighter processes.

When it comes to finance, the breadth and depth of available solutions makes it likely that you’ll find one that benefits your team (like FISCAL Technologies!)

7. Cross departmental team collaboration and visibility. 

Bring teams together for proactive discussions, and regular useful training which creates change in the business. Ensuring all members can see useful metrics and information to positively reinforce the improvements made.

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