Fiscalites tackle Everest challenge on their stairs

11th June 2021

Written by Stewart Hayward

Our Fiscalites recently took on the challenge of climbing Mount Everest (followed by The Seven Summits!), from the comfort of their own homes to help raise money for FISCAL’s 2021 chosen charity – New Beginnings Reading.

FISCAL’s CEO, David Griffiths, said “Whether you’re working from home, at work, a child or teenager on lockdown, or a super-fit 70-something in self-isolation, all family members are invited to take part in this challenge.  The Mount Everest challenge will also keep you all fit and healthy – an important part of the battle against Covid-19.”

Our Fiscalites and their families eagerly set out to climb the equivalent of the world’s tallest mountain – requiring them to climb their collective stairs 3,871 times to reach the summit.  They were given six weeks to achieve the goal.

All funds raised would be donated to New Beginnings Reading, a charity that helps to relieve poverty and financial hardship.

By the end of week one the Fiscalites and their families had climbed 5733 flights of stairs, taking them all the way to the top of Mount Everest and almost halfway back down.

Having conquered Mount Everest so quickly, David suggested that the Fiscalites and their families broaden their horizon and attempt to climb The Seven Summits – the highest mountains of each of the seven traditional continents.  Climbing to the summit of all of them is regarded as a mountaineering challenge, first achieved on 30 April 1985 by Richard Bass.

Fast-forward five weeks and the Fiscalites and their families brought the power of the charity event home having smashed their target, climbing a collective and staggering 21,182 flights of stairs.

The team raised an amazing £491 for their chosen charity.

FISCAL Technologies continues to be at the forefront of keeping a healthy workplace for its employees.  Are you looking to make a difference by working for a rapidly growing Fintech company with a dynamic culture?  We’d love to have you on our team – Check out our open positions.

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