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Webinar: The Accounts Payable Blueprint – Productivity and Protection – 12th March 2024

Event Date: March 12, 2024 12:00 am

With growing local government corruption concerns, integrity and efficiency in finance teams are even more critical. Our webinar addresses this and more.
A hand picks up a wooden block with a bullseye on it, signifying the webinar: The Accounts Payable Blueprint - Productivity and Protection

This webinar for finance professionals offers valuable advice on using accounts payable technology to protect spend and boost productivity.

We speak about the latest improvements in accounts payable technology and emphasise the importance of robust financial processes and transparent invoice automation solutions to prevent fraud and errors.

Experts from Kefron and FISCAL Technologies, with support from London Borough of Brent Council, will explore innovative strategies to enhance productivity while protecting against errors, duplicate payments and fraud. With these insights, you can equip your finance team for today’s challenges.

When: 12th March 2024, 2:00pm

Duration: 45 minutes

Kefron, FISCAL Technologies and Brent Council combine for a webinar on accounts payable protection and productivity


  • Expert advice from FISCAL Technologies and Kefron, leaders in AP automation and financial risk prevention.
  • Understand how to safeguard your financial processes against exploitation and enhance operational transparency.
  • Gain insights from Brent Council’s real-life experiences, reflecting on productivity and risk protection strategies that really work for them.
  • Opportunity for live interaction, allowing you to address specific concerns and understand how to apply these solutions in your context.

Whether you’re battling inefficiencies, seeking to prevent fraud, or just looking to stay ahead of the curve, “The Accounts Payable Blueprint – Productivity and Protection” is your key to unlocking potential and safeguarding your operations.


Please note: This webinar has taken place and you can now watch it on demand using the button below.

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