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How do you manage duplicate payments in accounts payable?

We explore how to manage duplicate payments in an accounts payable team, from discovery, to recovery.
Robot hands hold a magnifying glass to an invoice, depicting managing duplicate invoices.

So, you’ve found a double payment, now what?

Each accounts payable team will have their own process for handling double payments. This is dependent on their team and departmental structure, and the systems they have in place. If in doubt, speak to your manager.

Generally, you manage duplicate payments in the following way:

  1. Discover the error. This can be discovered through routine checks and reconciliations, automated systems that flag duplicate invoices or vendors such as FISCALs software, or by vendor notifications.
  2. If possible, amend your system and notify internal stakeholders before payment run.
  3. If the payment has already been made, notify the supplier, and request a refund or credit. The refund may need to be processed.
  4. Once received, record the refund or credit transaction.
  5. This step can be completed once you begin the reconciliation process, or after the payment has been prevented. Investigate the root cause of the duplicate by reviewing records, checking communications with suppliers, looking at your audit data, and verifying your internal processes. Once the cause is found, you can take measures to prevent this issue.

By following these steps, organisations like yours can effectively manage the impact of duplicate payments in their accounts payable process.

How FISCAL helps you detect and prevent duplicate payments

Our software solution uses AI and forensic-level tests to automatically analyse your transactions, finding high-risk invoices that could be duplicates. This leaves you to investigate and action these risks before the payment run. In turn, you’ll reduce the need to deal with the time-consuming and costly recovery process.

FISCAL's risk, duplicate invoice and fraud detection software example, analysing transactional risks in Accounts Payable and prevent overpayments or duplicate payments
FISCAL Technologies software identifies duplicate invoices, so you can prevent duplicate payments and protect working capital.

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