Introducing FISCAL Technologies’ brand refresh

23rd February 2021

Written by Stewart Hayward

Over the past 9 months, we’ve been working behind the scenes at FISCAL Technologies to refresh our brand to help us better articulate our vision: to be recognised as a significant partner in the creation and acceleration of cohesive and effective Procure-to-Pay (P2P) operations. 

We endeavoured to create an identity that honours our history but projects a strong vision of the future.

We’re pleased with the results of our refresh, and we’re delighted to share them with you.

Breathing new life into an existing and well-loved brand since 2003

We’ve refreshed the FISCAL brand strategy to represent how we want to communicate with our customers and prospects, recognising the human element and demonstrating how our unique approach to P2P risk management empowers CFOs, Finance Directors, Controllers, and AP teams to adapt and thrive. 

Following many in-depth conversations with our customers, we are reassured that CFOs, Finance Directors, and Controllers wanting to transform their corporation with intelligent solutions are exceeding expectations with our cloud-based P2P risk management solution. 

We heard loud and clear that they chose to partner with FISCAL to provide assurance to the business that strong financial controls are in place.

A logo that represents us – and you

FISCAL’s longstanding half sunflower motif is very much part of our heritage, representing organisational growth and P2P insights.  Our new mark – the FISCAL arrowhead – was created from an abstract letter A and represents two elements bonding into a single entity:

  • The arrowhead is a token of strength and protection that can be used to create direction and motion – to enforce a sense of leadership, growth and forward-thinking.
  • When turned on its side it becomes the eye that finds fraud, risk, and compliance issues.

The arrowhead guides our customers through the process of spend protection, both at the outset during onboarding and during an initial finance risk review, but beyond as they look to continuously improve their financial controls.  The journey to real spend protection is never-ending, and as a result our work with our customers never ends.  But we are committed to helping each of our customers travel in the right direction.

Protecting Your Spend

Our focus and dedication to the customer led us to choose “Protecting Your Spend” as our refreshed tagline.  We wanted to convey that, by being innovative and bold, finance teams will have an advantage both for their organisations and within their organisations.

We are moving forward with renewed focus, unyielding commitment to customer success, and a bold outlook for the future as we work to maintain our #1 guiding principle – to delight our customers and work hard to ensure they receive the best value from our solutions and services. 

What’s next for FISCAL?

We’re excited about this milestone and, more importantly, about what it represents in our learning and evolution. 

Our customers have helped us so much; we are so grateful for the extraordinary level of feedback that our customers give us, which has helped us to make rapid progress on our mission.  Each of our customers has a unique and compelling story to tell, and we’ve showcased a selection of our customers’ experiences to communicate the value of investing in FISCAL’s P2P risk management solution. 

There is much more to come from FISCAL.  For now, we’d love your feedback.  Don’t hesitate to let us know how you feel about our rebrand journey by writing to  Or, if you feel so inclined, please help us to share our new branding a bit more broadly by hitting one of the social share links on this blog post.

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