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Advanced launches next phase of its partnership with FISCAL Technologies

Advanced is excited to launch the next phase of its partnership with FISCAL Technologies, offering new and existing customers a solid solution to safeguarding their business.
FISCAL & Advanced Partnership

Advanced is excited to launch the next phase of its partnership with FISCAL Technologies, offering new and existing customers a solid solution to safeguarding their business.

FISCAL is a finance-based software company that has spent 17 years perfecting and executing a Cloud-based solution for Procure-to-Pay (P2P) risk management, utilising NXG forensics® Artificial Intelligence (AI). The solution strives to simplify the accounts payable processes for organisations, improving loss prevention and enabling employees to step away from problematic manual data inputting. The integration of NXG forensics enables customers to maximise the potential of their business, and remain ahead of their competition by further streamlining back-office processes.

Once installed and integrated, the NXG forensics software runs itself to take the stress away from organisations and their team. The system will seamlessly safeguard all transactions, whilst constantly running preventative programmes in the background that monitor fraud, revenue loss and compliance issues. Additionally, the forensics intelligence can automatically generate regular reports that provide business managers with an overview of their expenditure, revenue, and an insight into purchasing behaviours; for planning and forecasting intentions.

The non-invasive system is easy to navigate through the Advanced admin workspace and provides extensive trust when dealing with professional and confidential data. By strategically utilising the financial solution that Advanced will be delivering with FISCAL, organisations can spend less time on outdated labour-intensive tasks, and redirect their efforts towards value-driven activity for their business.

Advanced is committed to delivering the highest quality service to its customers and is constantly striving to enhance and expand its capabilities. This partnership will develop the financial capabilities at Advanced further, to help customers boost their productivity, efficiency, and success.

Daniel Docherty, Director of Strategy at Advanced, commented:

“We are excited to be working alongside FISCAL Technologies, a valued partner of ours. At Advanced, growing the ecosystem of partners that offer extended depth of functionality to our customers by giving them great control, is a key part of our approach. FISCAL’s NXG solution is an innovative and effective method of controlling all financial risk management, the integration of this technology will allow our clients and customers to proactively drive business improvements, optimise resources and focus on the efficiency of their work.”

Colin Rigby, Director of Strategic Alliances and Channel commented:

“At FISCAL Technologies, we are delighted to have reached such a prestigious milestone with Advanced on product integration, and being part of the Advanced FMS platform offering. The faith that Advanced have shown through their development and joint integration to ultimately protect from risk their clients spend is testament, not only to our partnership but the 17 years of continued growth by FISCAL Technologies and our heavy ongoing development in R & D to constantly improve and innovate our NXG Solution. Whilst protecting organisational spend through NXG Forensics, our partnership with Advanced will help accelerate our innovation and deeper engagement with customers.”

About FISCAL Technologies

FISCAL Technologies is a world leading provider of forensic solutions and services that empower purchase-to-pay teams across the globe to protect organisational spend.

Incorporating unique technology to reduce risk in the supply chain, FISCAL Technologies’ award‑winning, cloud-based risk management platform is used on a continuous, preventative basis to protect supplier spend, defend against fraud, increase profitability and drive process improvement.

Since 2003, FISCAL has safeguarded hundreds of millions of transactions and is now relied on by leading private and public sector organisations.


About Advanced

Advanced is the UK’s third largest provider of business software and services.  The partnership between FISCAL and Advanced enables Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Financial Management Solution customer to strengthen their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) fraud and risk protection with FISCAL’s proven solution.



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