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Supplier Statement Reconciliation: What do you do about it?

Statement reconciliation every month for every supplier sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Not to us!

The process of manually comparing hundreds of supplier statements is tedious at best, not to mention incredibly time-consuming.

On most months, a team might match around only 10% of their statements, and that means that duplicates, errors and credit notes are missed. It’s difficult and slow, but it doesn’t have to be.

FISCAL offer a fast, simple automated solution to make supplier statement reconciliation manageable.

Our goal is to make it even faster and easier for customers to regularly import and reconcile statements. Our AI-driven statement reconciliation software matches your statements in just 7 seconds and shows you discrepancies immediately to give you the information that matters. This allows your Accounts Payable team to rectify the statement before the payment run. With speed like this, reconciliation can become routine, and what was impossible becomes doable.


  • Reconcile more supplier statements, more often.
  • Simplify statement reconciliation to shift focus to proactive tasks.
  • Save time by automatically identifying errors and take remedial action faster.
  • Have ledger accuracy peace of mind, allowing for precise reports and forecasts.

Why Us?

  • No additional costs
  • Bulk upload and single upload options
  • In-depth reporting to show problem suppliers, supplier spend and more.
  • Simple to use and intuitive.
A screenshot showing supplier statement reconciliation overview on FISCAL's platform.
Supplier Statement reconciliation overview
A screenshot showing completed supplier statement reconciliation on FISCAL's platform, where red means that there is an error to be rectified.
A completed statement reconciliation

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